Daylight Redirecting Film is Now Available as Retrofit for Existing Glass

By July 29, 2015 February 17th, 2023 Commercial

Daylight redirecting film is designed to be installed on the upper one to two feet of your windows, or on the clerestory windows above the view glass. The micro-louver technology redirects over 80% of the light up onto the ceiling and far back into the space. This is ideal for use with lighting controls. The increase in light triggers photo sensors that turn off the affected lighting zones and employees still have plenty of natural light to work in. Once the sun diminishes in the evening hours, the lights come back on, at least until they are programed to turn off for the night. This saves significantly on the lighting portion of your energy costs.

Daylight redirecting film can be used in conjunction with solar control window film to further reduce energy costs by cooling the sun’s light and reducing glare. This enables tenants to leave the blinds open all day, allowing light to come in when the blinds would normally be closed to reduce heat and glare.


Some designers are using daylight redirecting film, also known as daylighting film, in spaces that are difficult to brighten up with artificial lighting alone. Extreme building makeovers in older buildings for example, where an old warehouse is repurposed as modern creative office space, can benefit greatly from the abundant natural light that is redirected far back into the space.

Daylighting film can also be used in residences with large upper windows or clerestory glass. The product has a similar appearance to frosted glass, and adds a pleasant look to the windows from inside and out. The direct sunlight that normally shines in can be overpowering in it’s intense glare and heat. Daylighting film diffuses that intensity and makes the light pleasant and usable.

The costs of product and installation are generally low due to the fact that only the top portion of the glass needs to be treated, yet the benefits are remarkably pronounced. Payback can be very quick if used with lighting controls. Employee productivity and retention are other benefits that are a bit more difficult to quantify, but should certainly be considered.

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