How 3M Security Glass Window Film Benefits Your Business

By March 4, 2022 February 17th, 2023 Blog

security glass window film

If you’re looking for a very affordable way to improve your business’s safety and security, 3M safety and security window film is a great place to start. 

Safety and security glass films from 3M protect your existing glass from a wide variety of threats and hazards, from burglary to storm damage.

3M safety and security window film

This article will cover everything you need to know about 3M safety and security window film and how it can benefit you and your property.

What Is 3M Security Glass Window Film?

Window film is a type of pliable polyester-based coating that goes right on top of your existing window glass and other glass surfaces. Depending on the specific application, the film can be applied to the interior or exterior surface of the glass (or sometimes both).

Different window films have different attributes and purposes. For example, there are window films designed to add privacy, provide sun protection, and increase safety and security. As the name implies, 3M safety and security glass films are designed to do the latter.

3M security glass film

How 3M security glass film works

Safety and security window film is not a replacement for security glass, such as Riot Glass®, but it is a budget-friendly alternative that can be used to reinforce your windows and prevent them from instantly shattering inwards when broken.

broken shards in place

When you apply 3M security film to your glass, it holds the broken shards in place in the event that the glass gets broken. 

In the case of accidental impacts, such as those from flying storm debris, this makes being on the other side of the glass much safer. The broken shards of sharp, jagged glass won’t fly dangerously inwards to injure anyone inside.

window film security

When it comes to intentional impacts, such as forced entry attempts, 3M security glass film can delay entry by minutes. This delay can be a strong deterrent and cause the bad guys to move on, or it can give the authorities time to arrive and catch the would-be intruders in the act.

It’s important to note that security window film does not prevent your window glass from breaking, but it does reinforce it and prevent it from shattering inwards.

3M safety and security window film protects against:

  • Glass-related injuries and hazards
  • Accidents and natural disasters
  • Break-ins and burglaries
  • Smash-and-grab theft
  • Bomb blasts

Why your business needs 3M security film for forced entry protection

A burglary occurs roughly every 8 seconds in the United States. In the majority of these cases, the criminals gain entry by breaking a vulnerable window or door.

Most burglars use some type of heavy hand tool, like a hammer or a pry bar, to break the glass and gain entry. However, when you have window film on top of your existing glass, they cannot merely break the window and force entry with one blow. 

security window film

Even when the glass behind the security window film breaks, it won’t instantly shatter inwards and allow the would-be intruder to climb in or reach through and open a door from the inside.

This can often surprise the criminal enough that they immediately abandon their forced entry attempt and move on to look for an easier target. When combined with other deterrents, such as an alarm system and surveillance system, security window film can be very effective at preventing burglary.

Other Benefits of 3M Safety and Security Window Film

Besides protecting your property against hazards and threats due to glass shattered by natural or human causes, 3M window films can provide other great benefits for you and your property.

Can be combined with 3M sun control window film

As the leading glass film manufacturer in the industry, 3M also offers a range of window films for various applications. Besides the company’s safety and security window film, one of the most beneficial window films for businesses is their 3M Prestige Series sun control window film.

This window film protects against harmful UV rays and infrared light, which helps you regulate indoor temperatures, reduce use of AC systems, and save money on your monthly utility bills. 

Sun control film also prevents furnishings from fading so quickly when they receive direct sunlight and reduces glare, making it easier for your employees or building tenants to see their computer screens and other work items.

3M sun control window film


When you combine 3M security film with 3M sun control window film, you receive all the benefits of both these types of window films. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to help improve your building’s safety, security, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Benefits of combining sun control window film and security window film:

  • Reduce solar heat gain by blocking out infrared light
  • Increase indoor comfort
  • Maintain views and continue to allow natural light in
  • Reject harmful UV rays (that cause fading)
  • Make your property safer, more secure, and more energy-efficient — all in one

Can increase anti-spall protection for laminated security glass

Safety and security glass film can be combined with other types of security glass, such as Riot Glass® security laminates, to add anti-spall protection. 

Let us explain: when a piece of laminated security glass receives a high force impact, it begins to spall, or the glass starts to show spider web-like fracturing. Though this does not mean that the glass is going to give way or allow entry, it decreases visibility and hurts the curb appeal of your business if you do not immediately replace the spalled glass surfaces. 

When you add a layer of security window film on top of a security laminate, it decreases the amount of spalling that occurs due to vandalism or a forced entry attempt.

Can change the aesthetics of your building

While the default finish of safety and security window film is crystal clear, you can also choose from a number of other finishes to add privacy or give your property’s windows a facelift. For example, you may choose to go with a dark gray tint or a reflective finish.

safety and security window film

Choosing a new look for your building’s window adds to its curb appeal, potentially attracting more building tenants, and can even increase its property value in case you plan on selling down the road.

Closing Words

Security window films from 3M don’t prevent your glass from breaking like other types of security glazing products do, but they are a very affordable option when you want to add some type of glass reinforcement and help mitigate day-to-day security threats and safety hazards.

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