How to Clean Sea Salt from Windows with One Ingredient…

By February 17, 2016 February 17th, 2023 How To, News, Residential

Living by the ocean obviously has its perks…

The sunshine, the cool breeze, and the sunsets are often noted, but one downside is the sea salt build, caused from the close proximity to its source.

The wind can carry the moist and salty air over great distances,which ends in salt buildup on your clean windows. If not maintained, the buildup can get stuck on to the glass and will require a harsher scrub, which could possibly scratch the glass.

If you are working with homemade ingredients and want to make a safe cleaning spray all you need is undiluted white vinegar.

You can also dilute the spray with equal parts water, if you want a more basic solution. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and apply it directly to the window. Scrub it with a nylon scrub sponge. If there are harder spots to get off spray then a few more times with the vinegar. After you have scrubbed everything off use crumpled newspapers to create a streak free look. If you have a squeegee it will also help prevent streaks when used.