How To Secure Windows in Luxury Homes: a Guide for Homeowners

By September 10, 2021 March 7th, 2023 Blog, Security Screens, Window Film Case Studies

Every home presents its own security challenges, but high-end homes in particular can provide homeowners and security contractors with a unique set of obstacles to overcome.

Every luxury home is one-of-a-kind, so cookiecutter security solutions usually aren’t going to work.

Keep reading to find out more about the requirements of luxury home security systems and to get some tips on how to secure windows in even the most extravagant of homes.


How To Secure Windows in High-End Homes


The Facts About Securing Windows in Luxury Properties

Before we dive into strategies for how to secure windows, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons it can be more challenging to secure your above-average home.

For starters, luxury homes are just plain bigger. The more ground a property covers, the more security it needs, which also means it’s easier to overlook something. 

Also, any home’s most vulnerable points are its doors and windows — and bigger homes generally have more windows. 

Luxury home windows tend to play a bigger role in the architecture. They’re often much more grand and ornate than the average home’s windows. In fact, some modern homes are even constructed primarily out of glass, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls all around living spaces.


Because of these factors, glass security becomes even more important when we’re talking about very high-end properties.

6 Window Security Tips From Luxury Home Security Experts

  1. Install wireless outdoor cameras
  2. Keep landscaping under control
  3. Set up motion sensing lights
  4. Upgrade window locks
  5. Reinforce the glass
  6. Use security framing

Install wireless outdoor cameras


A modern surveillance system should be a part of any high-end property’s security system. For your surveillance system to be most effective, place cameras outdoors at key points where a would-be intruder might try to gain access to your home. 

Position outdoor cameras to cover all potential entry points, including all ground-level windows and doors. Make sure they’re prominently visible, so prowlers will think twice about trying to burglarize your home.

And, last but not least, always install wireless surveillance that functions apart from your home’s electrical grid. That way there’s no way criminals can hack them or take them offline.


Keep landscaping under control


If there are bushes, trees, and other vegetation around your home and near windows, make sure to keep them all well-trimmed at all times. Overgrown landscaping can provide unwanted hiding places for burglars as they attempt to gain access to your home through a window.

Note that, in some cases, you can also use landscaping to add security. For instance, you can strategically place thick, thorny bushes below windows to make it more difficult (and painful) for a would-be intruder to get close.


Set up motion sensing lights

Another top tip for how to secure windows is to place motion sensing security lighting near windows, especially in your backyard and along the sides of your home where burglars are more likely to look for an entrance.

The bright lights will come on and put the spotlight on any bad-intentioned individuals, acting as a strong deterrent and also making it easy for them to get caught in the act.


Upgrade window locks


Even in high-end homes, your window locks might not be up to the task of keeping out a determined intruder. Many windows (that can be opened) have locking systems that are easy for a professional burglar to pick or jimmy open to gain access to your property.


In order to ensure that your windows can’t be opened from the outside, replace old locking mechanisms with more secure multi-point, jimmy-proof locking systems.


Reinforce the glass

All of the above tips are great for deterring burglary, but there’s one thing they don’t do: create a physical barrier to forced entry. 

Even the most modern windows, whether they’re double-pane, triple-pane, or made from tempered safety glass, can easily be smashed to gain entry to your home. The only way to fix this is to replace or reinforce the glass itself.


The latter option is preferable because it is a much more cost-effective solution than window replacement. But, how exactly do you reinforce window glass against forced entry?

There are a variety of solutions, including security window film, laminated security glass, and polycarbonate panels. Of all those options, polycarbonate glazing shields are our favorite, specifically something called ArmorPlast™ AP25.


What is ArmorPlast™ AP25?

  • Made from polycarbonate (so it’s virtually unbreakable)
  • Looks and feels very similar to glass
  • Resists all types of high-force impacts
  • Abrasion and UV resistant
  • Designed to be retrofitted over existing glass



AP25 panels can be installed into or onto a luxury home’s existing window framing system, creating an invisible barrier over the glass that doesn’t noticeably change the appearance of the home, block out natural light, or inhibit views.

Since it’s made from polycarbonate instead of glass, it cannot be smashed through, even by the most determined would-be intruder equipped with a bat, a crowbar, a hammer, or any other common burglary tool.

It’s the perfect solution for high-end properties where you don’t want the highest level of security without compromising on the curb appeal of your home.


Use security framing

Finally, even if you reinforce window glass, many standard window framing systems can be tampered with and dislodged, allowing criminals to gain access to your property. 

The final step to completely secure a luxury home’s windows is to reinforce the window framing as well. You can replace the whole framing system, or you can retrofit security framing on top of it. 

That’s another reason we like ArmorPlast™ AP25 — it comes along with low-profile security framing. The whole system can be retrofitted over your existing glass doors, windows, and walls for maximum security.



No matter where you live, you want to feel secure when you’re at home, and have peace of mind knowing your property is fully protected whenever you’re away. That’s why it’s important to always secure your home’s windows.

Contact us today for help securing your high-end property against burglary and other threats.