How to Understand GSA Requirements for Window Safety in 90 Seconds

By January 19, 2016 February 17th, 2023 Commercial, Residential, Safety & Security

The General Services Administration (GSA) has set high but also realistic and necessary standards for safety films.  Fortunately, Campbell Window Film meets their requirements and understands the importance of adhering to the standards of the US GSA.

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While the GSA has continuously upgraded certain requirements regarding glass and shatter resistance, Campbell Window Film meets these standards with high-grade Safety and Security Window Film that minimize dangerous glass shards during blast situations.

The GSA Testing Standard is implemented to ensure quality assurance in the testing of various window safety systems.  

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WINGARD, Window Glazing Analysis Response and Design, is a computer program that was created by Applied Research Associates.  To help understand the purpose of the program, it was designed to set the standards for analysis and special design of windows more subject to blast loads. The mission was to develop a simple and accurate analytical model reflecting the response of windows to effects during an explosion.  Using calculations and graphs, WINGARD is capable of determining the safest window systems.

Please know:  WINGARD is not widely distributed and is usually reserved for employees of GSA as well as U.S. companies involving protective glazing, like Campbell Window Film.   

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