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Hillside homes rarely have sufficient shading to prevent all-day sun from roasting living spaces, but having ample trees or an adjacent structure would likely hinder your wonderful view. Likewise, closing blinds, shutters or drapes can be a daily chore, and can block, or partially block the clear view out.

So how do you maintain the wide open view without suffering from the heat, glare and fading the all-day sun can cause? The answer is simple. Window film acts as an almost invisible filter that lets in just enough light, while filtering out the harmful UV, heat and glare.

This Laguna Beach resident has a ton of glass facing southwest toward the ocean. The architect optimized this amazing view to the fullest extent, and even used a clear glass balustrade for a virtually unobstructed view. The only drawback is that the afternoon sun blasts in through the windows making the home uncomfortably hot and bright.

The solution: We installed 3M Prestige 40 Window Film on every single piece of glass in the house, which converted the clear windows into high performance sun control glass without taking away from the view, even at night. The Prestige Series Window Film has very subtle shading characteristics and no more reflection than the glass itself. That means that when the sun goes down you still maintain a nice view out. Unlike shiny metallic films, you won’t get an unwanted mirror effect, and tint shades are light enough to provide glare protection without a dark look.

Installation required a well-engineered scaffolding system with a lot of protection for the hardwood flooring. We even tinted the glass elevator shaft. The homeowners’ primary concerns? Professionalism, discretion, and good communication. They said we were priced higher than the competitors, but that they felt comfortable with our above average customer service during the initial consultative phase of the project. Providing the top-notch products, maintaining top technicians, properly protecting the home’s interior, and having competent coordination staff never comes with the lowest price tag, but does come with the most value for discerning homeowners.

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