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When you purchase a new home and spend considerable time and money making it just the way you like it inside, the last thing you want is for your beautiful new interior to start fading away in the sunlight. Even new low-E windows can often lack 99.9% UV protection. So how do you ensure you have the proper UV protection to keep your interior colors vibrant and in like-new condition for many years? The answer is surprisingly simple. Using a high quality, commercial-grade window film provides the same long-lasting UV protection used by museums to protect priceless artifacts. You can rest assured you have an excellent solution with any of Campbell Window Film’s premium window films installed.

This homeowner initially had concerns about having window film applied to their new dual pane low-E windows. After we explained that our window films come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the glass and seal, as well as the film itself, they were delighted and had us install UV protective film on every window in the home.

Using the correct type of window film will not damage your windows in any way. In fact, it enhances the performance of new windows and provides superior UV, heat and glare protection. Our manufacture offers a window replacement warranty that covers your windows for the same term as your original window warranty.

You can relax knowing that your new interior is protected and our window film is perfectly safe for your windows. Enjoy all of the peace of mind that comes along with 99.9% UV protection and a lifetime window film warranty backed by 3M.

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