Enhancing Security in High-Risk Facilities Using Riot Glass® Security Glass for Active Threat Protection

By July 12, 2023 January 9th, 2024 Blog

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of individuals within high-risk facilities, such as schools, government buildings, and other commercial properties, is of paramount importance.

With the rising number of active threat incidents, it has become crucial to implement effective physical security measures that provide a robust defense against such violent attacks.

One of the best solutions that commercial buildings can use to enhance their security is Riot Glass® Security Glass.

This one-of-a-kind product range offers comprehensive protection against forced entry, ballistic threats, and other violent acts.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Riot Glass® security glass for active threat protection, particularly when it comes to its effectiveness at preventing and mitigating active threats when applied in schools and other high-risk facilities.

The Need for Enhanced Security in Commercial Facilities

The unfortunate reality is that almost any commercial facility is at risk of an active threat scenario. But there are certain high-risk facilities that face an even higher risk of active threats.

Commercial facilities that can be considered high-risk for active threats include:

  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other religious buildings

Incidents such as mass shootings and other acts of violence pose significant challenges for the security professionals, building owners, and administrators responsible for safeguarding these spaces.

Schools, in particular, hold a unique position, as they often have very limited security measures in place and are occupied by a relatively young and defenseless population. Not only that, but active shooters often come from within a school’s population or community.

school protection

Traditional security measures implemented by commercial facilities have been proven time and time again to be inadequate against determined attackers. Part of the reason for this is that many of the most high-risk facilities are ones that need to maintain an open, welcoming environment.

Thus, there is an increased need for innovative solutions that prioritize safety without compromising the aesthetic appeal and functionalities of facilities — and that’s where Riot Glass® security glass for active threat protection comes in.

Introducing Riot Glass® Security Glass for Active Threat Protection

Riot Glass® security glass is a range of advanced security glazing solutions designed specifically to fortify buildings against forced entry and ballistic threats (without making them look fortified).

Riot Glass® solutions are composed of unique formulations of polycarbonates, acrylics, and other plastics, as well as strengthened security glass, laminated together.

This specific composition provides exceptional strength and durability, making Riot Glass® highly resistant to impact and penetration.

Certain Riot Glass® security glazing shields are bullet resistant, meaning that they can stop a number of rounds fired from specific types of firearms, especially those commonly used in active threat attacks.

Unlike other types of ballistic-grade security glass on the market, many Riot Glass® security glazing solutions can be retrofitted on top of a facility’s existing glass, making it a very cost-effective alternative to other alternatives.

Additionally, unlike traditional forced entry prevention measures like bars and grilles, Riot Glass® maintains the transparency and appearance of the existing glass, allowing natural light to enter and preserving the aesthetics of the facility.

Benefits of Using Riot Glass® Security Glass in High-Risk Facilities

  1. Active Threat Protection
  2. Ballistic Resistance
  3. Forced Entry Prevention
  4. Blast Mitigation

Active Threat Protection:

Riot Glass® glazing shields protect existing glass from impacts and breakage, acting as an effective deterrent against active threats.

In many active threat incidents, the attackers gain access through a vulnerable door or window, as it’s incredibly easy to break traditional glass and reach through to open a door from the inside or climb right in through a window.

The robust composition of Riot Glass® allows it to withstand powerful impacts, making it extremely difficult for perpetrators of attacks to gain access to a building quickly.

In fact, even when riddled with bullets, Riot Glass® security glazing doesn’t significantly diminish in strength, and continues to prevent an attacker from passing any part of their body through.

Riot Glass® not only physically protects building occupants against active threats, but it also provides extra response time. It allows those inside to react by running, hiding, and barricading themselves inside while waiting for security personnel or the police to intervene and neutralize the threat.

police security

Ballistic Resistance:

As we touched on earlier, certain types of Riot Glass® offer excellent ballistic resistance, capable of withstanding various rounds from specific types of firearms.

All ballistic-grade Riot Glass® glazing has a UL 752 rating, which is the global industry standard for defining exactly how many bullets any type of bullet-resistant security product can stop and what types of firearms and rounds it can resist.

bullet resistant


While all types of Riot Glass® can be used for active threat mitigation, ballistic-grade Riot Glass® is particularly beneficial in facilities where gun violence is a bigger concern, such as in schools, government buildings, and religious facilities.

Forced Entry Prevention:

The same strength that makes Riot Glass® so good at protecting people against active threats also makes it an incredibly effective forced entry prevention solution.

Whether a criminal attempts to force entry to a commercial property using a crowbar, a hammer, or another blunt object, Riot Glass® will repel their attacks, forcing the would-be intruder to give up or spend more time and effort, which could result in them getting caught in the act.

Because of this, Riot Glass® is also very effective at preventing the following types of forced entry:

  • Burglary
  • Smash-and-grab theft
  • Rioting and looting

Blast Mitigation:

High-risk facilities, especially government buildings and other prominent commercial properties, are potential targets for terrorist attacks involving explosive devices.

Riot Glass® glazing solutions offer considerable blast mitigation capabilities, reducing the impact of nearby blasts and minimizing the risk of flying glass shards that can cause severe injuries to people inside facilities.

Final Words

The need for comprehensive physical security measures to mitigate the risk of violent attacks in commercial facilities is undeniable, and Riot Glass® is the most cost-effective, reliable solution for active threat protection in high-risk facilities.

By combining strength, durability, and aesthetics, Riot Glass® provides an effective defense against forced entry, ballistic threats, and explosions, without visibly turning properties into fortresses.

The application of Riot Glass® in schools and other vulnerable facilities ensures the safety of occupants and enhances the overall security of the properties against a full range of threats.

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