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Riot Glass™ Protects Against Smash and Grab

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Scenes like this  seem to be a monthly or even weekly news story as of late – far more common than in previous years. Its no surprise that business owners are a little nervous as they leave to go home for the evening. After all, if someone wants to get inside your building it is all too easy to smash a glass door and walk right in, or reach inside and unlock the door. If you haven’t been to our Youtube channel’s “break-in” playlist click here, We have a lot of  surveillance videos  threaded together to make “burglary reels”. You can see how common glass doors are the target for smash and grab theft and forced entry into businesses and homes. Now is the time to fight back, and Campbell has the solution for you. Armor your glass windows and doors and stop would-be thieves in their tracks.

FBI Burglary Statistics

Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) were forcible entry attempts*. If this tells us anything, it certainly sends a clear signal to be sure your doors are locked! With a third of all bad guys committing crimes without the use of force, we can start our security routine there. But for the 60.5% plus another 6% that couldn’t get in, forced entry is the usual method of entry. Now that we know the majority are breaking in, what is the weakest place for a burglar to go? That answer varies by the building type. For homes it is usually the front door which is easily kicked in. Even so, a burglar will quite often go through a broken window opening in order to bypass the need to open a door and thus trip the alarm. In a commercial building however, the doors are much tougher to kick in and are usually mounted in a metal frame. So then, the weakest place in a commercial building is the glass – windows, and more often, the glass doors.

So now you can see why we have found glass door reinforcement to me such a crucial place to start in the process of “hardening” a building (if you don’t know already, hardening is police speak for making it “hard” to get into a building). If the budget is limited, a client will start with the doors, and in some cases we will use Riot Glass on the door glass and 3M Window Film with attachment systems on the rest of the windows. To learn about security window film and why you need to attach it to the frame, click here.

What is Riot Glass™ Exactly?

Riot Glass is designed to protect against forced entry attacks on your property.

Being in the security glazing business (security glass business) for over 20 years, we have noticed a lack of aesthetically pleasing solutions for storefronts, schools and commercial establishments. No one really WANTS bars, gates or shutters, but they do work well in many cases. What if you want security without compromising the look of the building? That’s what we wanted to know! For years we have been installing security window film and attachments which can keep a bad guy out. But there are many times when a determined bad guy will force his way through a filmed window. So what do you do if you want more time/protection? We need to think tougher, and stronger, so we went to the guys over at Riot Glass, Inc. We found their formulation to be the solution we were looking for. We have partnered with them and are pleased to bring you the toughest glass for forced entry mitigation and even ballistic protection. There are a several thicknesses and strengths to choose from, and we will help guide you in that decision-making process by doing a thorough needs assessment. The good news is that we can armor your building’s glass without it looking like we have done anything. Of course if you want more privacy, we have one way mirror options, frosted versions, and a myriad of choices for privacy, but most customers want good ‘ole clear glass. Whatever your choice in appearance, get started now. You do not want to be one of the unprotected businesses out there.

For a video of Riot Glass™ being tested in a prolonged assault test, click here.

*The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program