Everything You Need To Know About Riot Glass® Security Window Film

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One of the most exciting things about being in the window film and glazing industry is that the technology is constantly changing, offering up new and better solutions for improving window performance — especially when it comes to security.

One such solution that’s relatively new on the market, but is quickly outperforming the competition and rising in popularity, is Riot Glass security window film.

Designed to provide an affordable extra layer of protection against forced entry, vandalism, extreme weather conditions, and other impact-related threats, Riot Glass security window film is truly a game-changer in the field of security laminates.

What Is Riot Glass Security Window Film?

Riot Glass security window film is a specialized security laminate solution designed to reinforce existing windows and other glass surfaces, transforming them into more robust barriers against potential threats.

This transparent film is engineered using a 100% unique, multi-layered composition that includes highly impact resistant poly-based plastics, which work in tandem to provide exceptional strength and durability.

It is this unique construction that makes Riot Glass security window film an effective solution for deterring forced entry attempts and mitigating damage from impacts.

Riot Glass security laminates are available in varying thicknesses, including 6-mm and 12-mm models, suited to different commercial security needs, goals, and budgets.

Although similar in appearance and function to other leading safety and security window films on the market, Riot Glass security film’s specialized formulation allows it to outperform and outlast its competitors.

Six Key Features and Benefits of Riot Glass Security Window Film

  1. Forced Entry and Burglary Resistance
  2. Vandalism Mitigation
  3. Protection Against Extreme Weather
  4. Ultraviolet Ray Protection
  5. Clarity and Transparency
  6. Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

Forced Entry and Burglary Resistance

The primary purpose of Riot Glass security window film is to bolster security levels by reinforcing windows and doors and holding broken shards of glass in place. It acts as a barrier that makes it significantly more challenging for potential intruders to break through the glass.

While Riot Glass security window film doesn’t prevent glass from breaking during a forced entry attempt, the added resistance it provides delays and deters would-be intruders and gives people inside precious time to react during a security breach.

This valuable delay to forced entry also gives the authorities more time to arrive and catch a burglar in the act or neutralize an active threat before they make their way inside.

Vandalism Mitigation

Vandalism can have a substantial financial and emotional impact, especially on businesses where the bottom line is what matters most.

Riot Glass security window film is specifically designed to protect commercial glass surfaces from graffiti, scratching, and other forms of damage, ensuring that your property maintains its integrity and curb appeal.

Protection Against Extreme Weather

Beyond human-caused security concerns, Riot Glass security window film is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially damage from flying storm debris hurled during strong windstorms.

Again, although Riot Glass security window film isn’t built to prevent glass from breaking altogether, it can hold glass that shatters during a storm in place, so the jagged shards don’t fly dangerously inwards.

This serves the dual purpose of reducing the risks of glass-related injuries to anyone inside, as well as prevents exposure to further damage due to heavy rains and winds.

Ultraviolet Ray Protection

Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause fading and deterioration of interior furnishings.

Riot Glass security window film offers UV ray protection, blocking out up to 99.9% of these damaging rays to prolong the lifespan of furnishings and other belongings and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Clarity and Transparency

Despite its robust composition, Riot Glass security window film maintains exceptional window transparency. This means that you can continue to enjoy unobstructed views and natural light without compromising on security.


Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

The installation of Riot Glass security window film is a meticulous process that requires expertise and precision, yet is very fast and cost-effective when taken care of by the right hands.

During installation, the existing glass surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared. The security film is then carefully applied directly to the existing glass surface using specialized techniques to ensure a seamless and secure fit.

Since there’s no glass replacement involved, security film installation is minimally disruptive and highly affordable.

Campbell: Your Trusted Partner for Riot Glass Security Window Film

If you’re by now considering installing Riot Glass security window film on your property’s windows, you should make sure to partner with an authorized dealer and installer to ensure the best results.

In fact, when incorrectly applied, security window film can fail to perform and can even cause damage to windows.

Campbell has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of window security film solutions, including Riot Glass security window film.

As an authorized dealer and installer, Campbell will ensure that your security needs are met to the highest standards.

Why Choose Campbell?

  • Expert Consultation
  • Professional Installation
  • Commitment To Quality

Expert Consultation

The team at Campbell understands that every property is unique. Consultants offer personalized consultations to assess your specific security requirements and recommend the most suitable Riot Glass security window film solution.

Professional Installation

With years of experience in the field, Campbell’s technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of Riot Glass security window film installation. Their attention to detail guarantees a flawless installation process.

Commitment To Quality

Campbell is committed to delivering top-notch security solutions. Window film products are sourced exclusively from reputable manufacturers, such as Riot Glass, and adhere to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Riot Glass Security Window Film: Protecting What Matters Most

In a world where security concerns are on the rise, especially for commercial property owners, Riot Glass security window film is an affordable and effective solution for when more robust types of Riot Glass security glazing are out of your budget.

Are you ready to enhance the security of your property with Riot Glass security window film?

Contact Campbell today for a free consultation. Our dedicated team is here to help you assess your security needs and provide expert recommendations.