School Security 101: How to Transform Standard School Doors into Safe Room Doors

By May 24, 2016 August 20th, 2020 Commercial, Safety & Security, School Safety

The Campbell Ballistic Security Door Kit allows schools to easily upgrade their existing doors into ballistic barriers-to-entry.

Designed specifically for school security, the Ballistic Security Door Kit fortifies classroom door openings instantly, making each classroom a safe-room. Once deployed, the teacher and students are shielded against physical threats coming from outside the door.

Our Ballistic Security Door Kit is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and virtually invisible, capable of being installed on any door. This retro-fit solution features reinforced interior and exterior hardware that reduces the risk of a forced entry. Designed to mitigate active shooter scenarios, our door kits also include ballistic glass that can absorb bullets and even withstand multiple shots.

Ballistic Security Door Kit Features:

  • N.I.J. Level IIIA certified ballistic system
  • Custom fit to match your existing door
  • Hundreds of finishes to match your décor
  • Optional surface coverings (cork, whiteboard, etc.)
  • Window is replaced with ballistic glass
  • Suitable for use with existing panic hardware
  • Withstands multiple blasts from handguns and shotguns
  • Withstands sledge hammer and axe breaching attempts

At Campbell Window Film, our mission is to protect what matters most. If your school is in need of better ways to protect students and staff, do not hesitate to contact Campbell Window Film today.