Ultimate Virus Protection

Campbell Sneeze Guards offer durability in a modern slimline design.

Originally developed during the COVID-19 crisis as a social distancing barrier, our easy to install, versatile sneeze guards have a very small footprint, taking up very little space on your counter, desk, or table and can be used as a year-round barrier to protect against common colds and seasonal flu viruses.

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Durability is our hallmark

Heavy-gauge aluminum base for a more refined solution

Our sneeze guards are made with a long-lasting anodized aluminum base that mounts to any horizontal or vertical surface. Our abrasion resistant coating protects the panel for added durability, even with very regular cleaning. Available in crystal-clear acrylic, or for improved impact resistance, our FDA approved polycarbonate panels.

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campbell sneeze guards are good for close working spaces and tight quarters

Campbell Sneeze Guards can be added as an element of social distancing in tight quarters

You Got This!

Our Sneeze Guards are easy to install

Campbell Sneeze Guards are available in portable and permanent versions.

If you want out-of-the-box simplicity with no assembly required, our portable Tabletop and C-Clamp versions are for you.

If you want a more permanent solution, you can achieve the smallest footprint sneeze guard available with our DIY aluminum base screw-on/ bolt-on versions. All of the hardware you need is in the box.

Need help? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Technical support is just a phone call away. Sneezy Peasy!

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