The 3 Reasons Schools are Upgrading Their Windows

By January 13, 2016 February 17th, 2023 Commercial, Residential

Safety and security is a number one priority for many schools in America today. According to a recent report published by the FBI, educational environments have become the second-largest location grouping of active shooter incidents. Such attacks are almost always planned, while a majority occur during the school day, putting students in harm’s way.

Intruders are capable of executing attacks quickly because of unsecure, outdated entry points found at most schools.

And about 66% of incidents end before police even arrive.

In response to the increasing number of violent crimes occurring on school campuses, Campbell Window Film and 3M have installed 3M™ Safety and Security Film in hundreds of U.S. schools throughout the United States.

Here are the top 3 reasons why schools are choosing our Security Film to keep their students safe:

1. Cost Savings

Our Security Film costs far less than replacing windows and doors, providing an affordable security option for schools with limited budgets.

2. Easy Installation

The Security Film is applied directly to the school’s existing glass, making installation a breeze. Furthermore, our authorized installers are committed to providing a professional experience, guaranteeing minimal disruption to your school day.

3. Most Importantly, Safety

Security Film is designed to slow an intruder down, giving students and faculty precious time to react and follow an active shooter protocol. Additionally, Security Film protects anyone near a glass window or door during a natural disaster where often they can be harmed by flying glass shards.

For more information on 3M™ Safety and Security Film and how it can protect your school, contact Campbell Window Film today.