Watt Plaza, a twin 23-story office tower complex encompassing 900,000 square feet in the heart of Century City, has been awarded Gold LEED Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (EB O&M) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Part of the LEED points need to achieve this certification came from the installation of 3M Prestige 40 window film which was applied to every window in the two towers.


The Watt Companies is a private, fully-integrated real estate operating and Investment Company involved in commercial development, homebuilding, asset management and the realization of capital investments for its shareholders, investors, partners and customers across the United States. In its 60-year history, Watt Companies has developed over eight million square feet of industrial and office space and built more than 50 shopping centers.


“We have made a significant effort to transform Watt Plaza into a shining example of environmental innovation,” said Nadine Watt, President of Watt Plaza. Part of that innovation starts with transforming the single pane windows into high performance glass. Replacing all of the windows is cost prohibitive and all of that glass would go into a landfill, yet the inefficient glass allows too much heat load to accumulate in the buildings. Demand on the HVAC system is excessive, and with rising energy costs a solution is needed to reduce the cooling demand and lower the energy costs.


Keeping a crystal clear view out both day and night was essential and the exterior aesthetic needed to remain the same. Brad Campbell from Campbell Window Film was asked to help with a solution. “Reflective window film products were sampled but caused problems with seeing out clearly and changed the look of the towers from outside,” said Campbell. “Our 3M Prestige 40 was chosen because of its high heat rejecting performance properties as well as its non-reflective appearance, which allows easy viewing out and maintained the original look of the towers.”

Installation was completed at night and on weekends to ensure the buildings’ tenants were not disturbed. The whole project was completed in just 2 months and the impact was felt immediately. Offices remain cool throughout the day and energy consumption was dramatically reduced due to the lowered demand on the HVAC system.

Project Details

  • Location:
    1875 Century Park E, Los Angeles, CA 90067
  • Film Type Installed:
    3M Prestige Window Film
  • Windows Covered:
  • Installation Time:
    Two months, with two crews working nights and weekends
  • Payback Period:
    3.75 years
  • kWh Savings:
    804,000 annually
  • Rebate: