Celebrity Break-Ins Storm Hollywood

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Our CEO Brad Campbell on TV discussing the rash of celebrity break-ins and how to prevent them.

Our CEO Brad Campbell on TV discussing the rash of celebrity break-ins and how to prevent them.

Hollywood Celebrities Are Under Attack

| Campbell Security CEO Brad Campbell had an opportunity to sit down with Jaymes Vaughan of the nationally syndicated television show Celebrity Page.

Dubbed the “Security Expert to the Stars”, Brad was asked to appear in an effort to provide insights on how to help fight back against a wave of celebrity break-ins that have been sweeping through the Southern California Entertainment community the last six months.

Celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment who’ve been hit include Kylie Jenner, Derek Fisher, Nicki Minaj, Alanis Morissette, Nick Young, Yasiel Puig and most recently David Spade – and that is just so far this year! It is no wonder high-profile personalities and their agents are calling-in back up to better secure their homes from these crimes.

What Everyone Can Do To Fight Back

In the interview, Brad explains that while he strongly advocates traditional security systems—alarms and closed circuit cameras— the one thing these systems do not do is provide a protective barrier against entry.

“The first thing we do is identify the weakest point that invites forced entry – the glass doors and windows.” explains Brad. “This is where the bad guys get in and one way to fight back is with 3M Security Window Film.”

Every home is unique and requires an onsite security assessment. Mansion or residential home, Brad and the team at Campbell Security use their extensive experience to help homeowners identify vulnerable points of entry. Armed with those insights, they offer value minded solutions that are both effective yet won’t detract from the appearance of the home.

No one wants to live behind bars. So how do you secure the glass without it being obvious? Applied to the inside surface of any glass door or window, 3M Security Window Film is virtually invisible yet incredibly strong. This crystal clear film holds the glass together, delaying entry and oftentimes causing a frustrated burglar to flee.

Brad pointed out that “there is a delay between when the alarm goes off and when the police are able to arrive. In that time gap a lot of bad things can happen.”

Think about it: Armed with a brick or tire iron, it only takes seconds for a burglar to break-in and ransack your home. “With 3M Security Window Film installed, we slow them down, and prevent easy entry – giving the police life saving time to respond”, added Campbell.

Anti-Burglary Window Film, with Benefits

There are ancillary benefits to 3M Security Window Film as well. In addition to blocking the bad guys, the film also blocks out the damaging UV rays from the sun which can cause hardwood floors, art work and furnishings to fade away and lose their vibrant colors. The film is perfectly clear, but protects very well.

Campbell will be posting video footage of an attempted burglary where the perpetrator tries to smash into a side window of a home but cannot get in due to the 3M Security Window Film that was installed. He ends up running away in frustration. Stay tuned to our Youtube channel for the airing of the TV interview and the break-in attempt.

When asked what celebrities think about having 3M Security Window Film installed, Brad replied, “like anyone, they like the idea of protection that is effective, yet invisible to guests and family members. No one wants to live in an armored fort, but we want to rest easy that we have something to keep these guys from getting into our home”.

For more information, or to have one of the residential security experts at Campbell do a free in-home assessment of your windows and glass doors, call us today at 800-580-9997. 3M Security Window Film isn’t just for celebrities, despite the recent spike in its use in their homes.

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Campbell Security Window Tinting 800-580-9997