Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Glare Film for Windows

By February 15, 2022 February 17th, 2023 Blog

anti-glare window film

Have you ever wished that you could leave your building’s curtains or blinds open all day to enjoy the natural light, but the glare is just too much to handle? Well, with anti-glare window film, you can let sunlight inside and continue to enjoy views all day long, without disturbing people working on computers and doing other tasks.

anti-glare window film

What Is Anti-Glare Window Film?

Anti-glare film is a special type of sun control window film designed specifically to reduce the amount of glare from the sun coming through your windows.

These films control the excessive amount of sunlight, while still allowing you to enjoy the energizing benefits of natural light while indoors.

anti-glare exterior window

Anti-glare window film is especially beneficial for spaces with many exterior windows where people are working on computers (which naturally reflect a lot of glare), as the film allows employees to see their screens without straining their eyes.

For example, glare control window film is ideal for glass office buildings and skyscrapers, where glare can be a real issue for office tenants working inside.

How does anti-glare film work?

Window film is a type of self-adhering, pliable polyester-based coating that you can apply to the inside or outside surface of windows and other glass surfaces.

There are many different types of window films that are each designed to serve a specific purpose (or multiple purposes). 

There are window films that change the performance of your glass, such as anti-glare sun control film, and there are films that serve mainly aesthetic purposes, such as decorative window films.

Anti-glare solar window film is actually composed of hundreds of microscopically thin layers of plastic-based film. These layers reflect certain light frequencies, while letting others through. This is how they reduce glare but still allow in a certain amount of natural sunlight to illuminate your space.

Essentially, glare-reducing window films are an excellent alternative to curtains and blinds. They constantly reject the sun’s glare during daylight hours, while still allowing those inside your space to work in natural light and see outside.

Natural light and views of the outdoors are both proven to reduce stress and anxiety and increase productivity in the workplace, so these benefits of anti-glare window film are incredibly valuable for businesses and their employees.

anti-glare window film change

Does anti-glare film change the way your windows look?

The appearance of your windows after window film installation will depend very much on the specific film you choose.

There are many different options available when it comes to anti-glare film, each with their own aesthetic finish and unique performance traits.

For example, 3M Prestige series sun and glare control window films are transparent and have low reflectivity, so they have a very minimal effect on the appearance of your glass.

If you prefer to change the appearance of your building’s windows more drastically, maybe as part of a facade re-imaging project, you might opt for something like a highly reflective glare-blocking window film. 

During the day, these more reflective films give your building a mirrored look on the outside, while still allowing people to see out of the windows from inside the building. In other words, they create a one-way mirror effect.

To sum up, glare-blocking window films can change the appearance of your properties as little or as much as you like, depending on what your aesthetic goals are.

installing anti-glare window film

Are there any other benefits of installing anti-glare window film?

Glare reduction window films don’t just block out glare. They can control many other aspects of the solar light and heat coming through your windows, even further increasing the performance of your building’s glass.

Additional benefits of glare-reducing window film:

  • Blocks up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays (protects furnishings from fading)
  • Reflects up to 97% of infrared light (the light we feel as heat)
  • Increases indoor comfort
  • Reduces reliance on air conditioning
  • Helps improve window energy efficiency

As you can see from the details above, there are many more reasons to install anti-glare sun control film than just reducing glare.

High-performance sun-blocking window films, such as those from 3M’s Prestige series, can provide all of the above benefits. These don’t just increase the comfort of building tenants working inside your leased office spaces, they can save you tons of money on your utility bills.

In fact, 3M Prestige series window films have been shown to become carbon neutral in as short as just six months from the date of installation.

If you’re constantly running AC to keep indoor spaces cool, installing solar blocking window film is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce solar heat gain through your windows and make your building more energy-efficient.

Types of properties that can benefit from glare reduction window film:

  • Office buildings
  • Banks
  • Government facilities
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Luxury retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Anywhere where glare, comfort, and energy efficiency are concerns

glare reducing window film

Anti-Glare Film Installation

Since glare-reducing window film gets applied directly to your existing windows and other glass surfaces, there is no need to remove or replace any of the glass.

This makes glare reduction film installation very painless and minimally disruptive. For most commercial applications, window film can be installed in the evenings or over a weekend to avoid disrupting building tenants during business hours.

How long does glare blocking film last after installation?

Modern glare-reducing window films, such as those from 3M, come with a 15-year warranty, though we’ve seen them last for two decades or longer. How long the window film lasts depends a lot on the climate conditions they are exposed to.

Since the anti-glare film is typically installed on the inside surfaces of your windows, it can easily outlast the manufacturer’s warranty. There are also exterior-grade window films that are designed to withstand the elements for many years.

Campbell Corporation is a certified 3M partner specializing in commercial window film installation of all types. If you want more information about our anti-glare products and installation services, call our knowledgeable team today for a free consultation.