Must-Have Components of a Security System for Condo Owners

By September 23, 2022 February 17th, 2023 Blog

As with any type of residential property, the biggest security concern for most condo owners is forced entry and burglary. Burglars love to target condos, especially high end ones. 

In general, condos tend to have tighter security than single-family homes, but you should still make sure you have all the essential components of a complete security system for condo owners.

There are many condo-friendly home security system upgrades you can make that won’t break the bank and that will give you peace of mind when you’re away from your condo.

Tips on How To Upgrade Your Security System for Condo Owners

We’ll go over tips for implementing new security measures in the areas mentioned below to mitigate these types of security threats. 

Besides improving your condo’s security and providing you with peace of mind, making upgrades in these areas to boost safety and security can even lower your condo insurance premiums!

  1. Access control
  2. Surveillance systems
  3. Alarms
  4. Smart home controls
  5. Exterior lighting
  6. Window glass reinforcement

Ask your COA to install an access control system (if you don’t have one)

Most modern condo buildings have access control systems that tightly control who comes and goes. However, if your condo complex doesn’t have access control, you should submit a request to your condo owners’ association (COA) to install it.

There are different types of access control systems that work well, such as keycard-controlled or password-locked doors. 

There are also mobile access control systems, which allow condo owners to unlock entryway doors using their smartphones. This is one of the most secure options, as smartphones are less likely to get lost than keycards. 

Mobile access control systems also often have built-in biometrics security, so only the owner can unlock the doors to the condo building.

If you have any trouble getting your COA to install access controlled locks, discuss it with some of your neighbors and submit a petition together.

Install a condo surveillance system

A condo surveillance camera system allows you to monitor what’s going on at your condo remotely. Install a surveillance camera on or near your front door, so you can see who comes to your door or passes by in the hallway when you’re not there.

If you have a ground floor condo with a back entrance, or a balcony that’s low enough for someone to potentially access, it’s a good idea to install a camera there as well.

Get an alarm security system for condo owners

An alarm system is a key component of any home security system. For the best level of security, you should install a monitored alarm system that automatically calls the authorities if triggered. 

It’s up to you whether or not you install a silent alarm or an audible alarm. Audible alarms are better deterrents, as they often scare off would-be intruders trying to force entry. 

However, loud alarms can also be a nuisance for your neighbors if they get accidentally triggered while you’re not home.

Turn your condo into a smart home

Connecting lights, electronics, and appliances in your condo to a smart home device is another way to improve condo security. 

Smart home controls allow you to turn devices on and off remotely, so you can turn things like lights and TVs on at night if you’re gone on vacation. This makes your condo look occupied and deters any burglars who may be prowling around the area.

In fact, many modern condo security systems have these types of smart home features built in, so you can potentially kill two birds with one stone.

Add exterior lighting

As a further deterrent to forced entry and burglary, install exterior lighting outside your condo. 

Motion sensing flood lighting outside any back doors or windows is a great option, as it will turn on automatically if anyone gets too close and tries to tamper with your doors and windows. 

Just make sure any lighting is aimed in such a way that it won’t shine into your neighbors’ windows and bother them.

Protect vulnerable windows with security window film or security glazing

If your condo has any windows or sliding glass doors that intruders could potentially access, reinforce them with security window film or some type of security glazing.

For a very affordable condo security solution, consider applying 3M safety and security window film to any ground floor windows or sliding glass doors on balconies that someone could reach by climbing up.

Security window film doesn’t prevent glass from breaking altogether, but it does strengthen it and hold broken shards of glass in place. This delays forced entry long enough to deter would-be intruders or make them get caught in the act of breaking and entering.

Security window film also improves general safety by mitigating the risk of injury from flying shards of broken glass. This is very helpful if you live in an area that’s prone to strong wind storms, for example.

For much higher levels of condo security, we recommend protecting vulnerable glass doors and windows with polycarbonate security glazing, such as ArmorPlast® AP25 from Riot Glass, Inc.

AP25 polycarbonate security glazing can be retrofitted on top of your existing glass, making it a very cost-effective solution.

The polycarbonate looks and feels very much like regular window glass, but it creates a virtually unbreakable barrier over your existing glass. This protects it against all types of impacts, including blows from heavy hand tools used in forced entry attempts and flying storm debris.

Whereas security window film only delays forced entry, polycarbonate security glazing completely denies it. It fortifies your property without making it look fortified.

Campbell Can Help Boost Your Condo’s Security and More!

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We also install other types of window film that can improve your condo’s energy efficiency, add privacy, and even increase its property value.

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