Why Are Campbell Sneeze Guards The Best Social Distancing for Commercial Office Properties?

By June 11, 2020 December 21st, 2022 Blog, News

Campbell’s Sneeze Guards were developed as the ultimate social distancing protection. We have developed a superior sneeze guard that can be mounted on any desk, counter, or flat surface to create a barrier for physical distancing.

A Superior Design for Any Gathering of People

These are perfect for:

  • Grocery and retail store counters
  • Between desks and workstations
  • At an open creative office environment
  • Social distancing at schools
  • Call centers
  • Classrooms
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Outdoor seating areas

We designed our sneeze guards to solve many of the problems we found with our competitors’ designs; all in an effort to make the ultimate product in this category.

Benefits of Campbell’s Superior Sneeze Guard

Here are the benefits that make Campbell Sneeze Guards superior:


We set out to make the most durable and long-lasting sneeze guard on the market. Most of the ones that we found out there have a general-purpose acrylic or polycarbonate that is not going to stand the test of time. We use an abrasion-resistant product that has a coating on it that will help prevent spider web scratches that can make other sneeze guards a temporary solution at best.

This scratch-resistant coating enables you to use our sneeze guards indoors or outdoors, lasting for many years, even with very regular cleaning. Our solid base framing is outdoor-grade aluminum anodized that can withstand years of direct sunlight, rain, or wind without losing strength of diminishing in appearance.

Firm Stand

Our sneeze guards will not blow over. We have a ⅜-inch thick version that stands firm in windy areas near entrances or when used outdoors. Campbell Sneeze Guards have a sleek, narrow profile and anodized aluminum base that offers a high-end look and durability without the high-end price. We have the smallest footprint for tight spaces. No one wants a big, bulky base on their desktop, in a restaurant, or anywhere the public is going to be interacting. Our narrow, very solidly mounted base holds the sneeze guard in place and takes up very little room.

Sleek Design

Another unique feature of Campbell Sneeze Guards is that you will not see any exposed hardware. It is all hidden from view. No bolt heads nor screw heads are visible at all. We have an aluminum anodized cap that snaps into place to finish the installation. These can be mounted on a wall or on a flat desk or countertop, even on a vertical desk or countertop surface.

Our patented mounting bases are available in clear or dark bronze anodized. In the ordering process, you have the option to add a pass-through window if you need to exchange paperwork or products with the person on the other side of your sneeze guard. You can also order them solid with no pass-through window.

Easy to Install

Campbell Sneeze Guards are very easy to install. In fact, anyone handy with essential household tools can install these. We also have a video explainer for even easier do-it-yourself installations.

Portable and permanent versions are available for your convenience. Need help with installing either version? No problem. Help is one phone call away.

Sound Reduction

Noise mitigation or sound reduction is another excellent feature of Campell’s Sneeze Guards if you’ve got co-workers in close proximity and their conversations are crossing over into your conversation with your client. These offer noise mitigation or sound-reduction barrier between you and your closest co-workers.

This is an all-season solution. While designed for and during the Covid-19 crisis, our durable, long-lasting sneeze guards can be used year-round for germ and virus mitigation, including the common cold and seasonal flu viruses.

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